Stoughton Youth Baseball

2021 Annual Notice and Meeting info

2021 Annual Meeting Notification

Meeting Date - Sat October 10th, 3:00PM Elm Street Fields

To all of SYB Membership.

2020 has certainly not been without its challenges. But i/we wanted to certainly convey the sense of relief we feel in having had a truly enjoyable summer "town season" and fall invitationals for our players.

Getting outside, seeing friends, having laughs and celebrating wins while consoling each other in defeat, was a theme since we were able to responsibly open up Elm St and Drave Ave from July thru September.

Thru constant efforts from the Board and coaches, kids got what they wanted. To play baseball … be it learning the game at the Minor level to graduating from their respective complex (Elm/Drake), to leaving behind SYB for good, I'm happy to say that 2020 was in fact a success.

That success came on the backs of some specific Board members who put in countless hours of preparation on Covid guidelines, rules, scheduling, field prep, volunteer coordination, concession, and administrative preparedness.

Many of the Board members who have given YEARS of selfless time and dedication to SYB are moving on. The time has come for new members to take the reins and at minimum assist in the oversight and operations of SYB.

The past Board did not have one member who had a child under the age of 9 or above age of 12 …… Meaning that the Babe Ruth and younger levels of SYB are barely represented, if represented at all. This is not untenable for SYB success.

In order for SYB to thrive as in years past, parental involvement is a necessity. The Board as constituted was a strong 15 members strong 4 years ago.

2 years ago, it was 11 members and by the end of this year, it was 7 members.

If SYB is to exist, more League volunteers are needed, or the league will shut down come November of this year. The work starts in October with the yearly meeting.

A financial rep is needed for $

A player registrar is needed


Communications office

Field prep crew

These are just some of the positions. SYB has a true history of success with its little league and babe ruth complexes, from renowned tournaments where there is a WAIT list, to amazing in town playoffs and great food and comradery.

To see this come to end due to a lack of member support would be more than disappointing. If the members do not give some time to the Board of Directors and the vacancies that are needed, baseball as we know it will never be the same in Stoughton.

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Congrats to this years Champions

2020 Babe Ruth League Champion - Lions Club

Players - Ethan Dembrowsky, Liam Dunn, Quinn Fogarty, Matthew Howe, Noel Ortiz, Emmett Pearl, Liam Pearl, Ryan Summers, Jack Tracey

Coaches - Ronnie Howe, Bill Tracey, Connor Tracey

2020 Major League Champion Braves

Players - Anthony Alessi, Gavin Alexson, Lucas Capozzoli, Dan Cosby IV, Dustin Edmonds, Christopher Heatley, Ryan O'Malley, Billy Powers, Joel Short, Kai Williams

Coaches - Bill Powers, Bill Alexson, Steve Alessi

2020 Minor League Champion Red Sox

Players - Ryan Barden, Alex Bunker, Alan Chebator, Alex Kearns, Brandon Kuznitz, Charles O'Connell, Brady O'Hara, Ethan Strock, James Theriault, John Lovett, Henry Dunderdale, Trevor Martorana, Andrew Files, Patrick O'Connor

Coaches - Mark Kearns, Cory Chebator, Sean O'Connell

SYB PHASE 2 COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

2020 Stoughton Youth Baseball - COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Phase 3 Step 1

The safety guidelines below are to be enforced before, during and after all baseball practices/games. These guidelines are in addition to guidelines provided by the CDC, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, as well, as our local recreation department. These safety measures must be strictly adhered to by all players, coaches and spectators to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.



  • Maximum of 50 participants at each baseball field.
    • Participants include players, coaches and spectators.
    • No more than 25 people on the playing area
  • Practices/Games will be tailored to limit the usage of shared baseballs and maintain social distancing as much as possible.
  • Individuals should not be congregating in common areas or parking lots following practices or events.
  • For batting cages, no more than one player and coach in each batting cage while practicing social distancing.
    • A max of two players can be waiting outside the cage while practicing social distancing.
  • No two teams will be scheduled on the same field without an hour in between the end of one practice/game and the start of the other.
  • Dugouts (benches) are to be extended to the outside behind the dugout (benches) to the home plate backstop with fencing on both sides to keep spectators separate.
    • This area will be marked for social distancing (e.g. cones, signs, or roped off (see Figure 2).
  • No seeds, chewing gum or any food that encourages spitting will be allowed.
  • Players, coaches and/or spectators that are not feeling well or exhibiting symptoms of possible exposure to COVID-19, such as fever must not attend practice until such time as the player, coach or spectator has been tested and/or cleared.
  • Encourage coaches/players who test positive for COVID-19 to notify the league and the local Board of Health (LBOH) for purposes of cleaning / disinfecting and contact tracing.
  • There will be no tournaments during Phase 3 Step 1.


  • Baseball batters must wear facial coverings while at bat.
  • Face coverings and social distancing of six feet is required when participants are not actively engaged in an activity, while on the bench, and pre/post practice/game
  • Coaches, and umpires are required to wear facial coverings and maintain social distancing of 6 feet from players, coaches, spectators, and other persons at all times.
  • Players should have their own helmet, bat, facemask and water bottle.
  • Each catcher should have their own catcher's equipment.
  • Players must refrain from sharing equipment.
  • Players should wear batting gloves as much as possible during practice, especially when handling a bat.
  • Covered dugouts can only be utilized by the pitcher and catcher during the game and must socially distance (minimum of 6 ft apart)
  • Coaches will have hand sanitizer and/or wipes available for all participants; however, we encourage each player to have their own hand sanitizer.
  • Sportsmanship should continue in a touchless manner - no handshakes/slaps/fist bumps.
  • Each team will be responsible for cleaning up their trash around dugout area after practice/games.


  • Governor Baker recently signed a new order for outdoor gatherings which baseball falls under. The order states for gatherings of more than 10 people, all persons over the age of two must wear a face covering when they attend indoor and outdoor gatherings where participants other than those in the same household will be in attendance, unless they are prevented from wearing a face covering by a medical or disabling condition. This restriction applies to gatherings in all venues and locations, including private homes, backyards, parks, athletic fields, and parking lots.

  • Spectators must remain beyond 1st and 3rd base while practicing social distancing (see Figure 1).
    • Spectators must maintain distance of at least 6 feet between spectator groups.
  • The bleacher area cannot be utilized by spectators as the bleachers are considered to be part of the designated dugout area.


  • Restrooms facilities shall be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with state and local guidelines
  • Conduct frequent disinfecting of heavy transit areas and high-touch surfaces
  • Concessions Stand must follow the Safety Standards for Restaurants

For additional COVID-19 guidance, please visit:

Elm Street Layout

2020 Baseball Covid-19 Wavier Form

Special "COVID-19" release waivers must be completed by all players, coaches, volunteers, umpires by 7/20. Players are to turn in the forms into the team coach

Link to waiver form - Special Covid-19 Waiver Form.pdf

General information for parents new to the program

T-Ball Information

  • Each team will have 2 games and 1 clinic per week (Mon, Wed & Sat Schedule)
  • Season will begin on Saturday, August 1st
  • The league will provide each player a shirt and hat which they will keep after the season ends.
  • Each player should bring a glove and wear sweatpants or baseball pants to the games and clinic.
    • The league does not recommend players wearing shorts since they will be sliding and running the dirt baselines
  • Parents may need to purchase a bat or helmet for your child depending on state guidelines
    • Bats can be purchased at Dicks Sporting Goods, Monkey Sports or other local/online sporting good stores

4-Year-old Clinic information

  • The clinics are held on Giles field located inside the baseball complex at 100 Elm Street.
  • The season will start on August 1st with the first clinic being after the parade
    • Starting August 1st, the clinic's will be at 9:00am every Saturday
    • Clinics last one hour and can go an hour and a half depending on how the players are holding up
  • The league will provide each player a shirt and hat which they will keep after the season ends.
  • Each player should bring a glove to the clinics and wear sweatpants or baseball pants.
    • The league does not recommend players wearing shorts since they will be sliding and running the dirt baselines
  • Parents can purchase cleats if they choose, but sneakers are okay as well.
    • No sandals, open toe shoes, or crocks.
  • Parents should also apply sunscreen and bug spray if needed
  • Parents are encouraged to join your child during the clinic and participate.
Preparations for 2020 Season


Preparations for the 2020 season are in full swing! Not only preparations to comply with any safety guidelines but preparing the fields and ordering equipment and uniforms. We will be placing orders for uniforms on June 15th.

If you are unable to participate this season and have not reached out, please email

    2020 SYB Board Memebers
    Coaches information